3 Arena with Jenny Greene and ​the RTE Concert Orchestra

Posted on: September 15, 2016

I’m so thrilled to perform again with 2FM DJ Jenny Greene and the RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by Gavin Murphy at the 3 Arena on November the 13th with support from irish DJs; Dave Treacy and Mo K.

This really is a dream gig for me getting to collaborate with the concert orchestra and the best DJ in the country, Jenny Greene and the set includes all my absolute favourite dance classics with a mixture of great soul, pop and even opera!

We performed on the Friday of Electric Picnic this year in Rankin’s Wood. I think we were a last minute addition to the picnic’s line up so there was fear the word wouldn’t spread in time that the gig was happening. Usually at festival gigs you’re used to your audience building throughout your performance but this was not the case for us. MO K was the warm up DJ before us on the night and I had a peep at the audience during his set and the tent was absolutely filled to capacity (9000), plus there were 100s of people outside the tent and the place was rocking! Lets just say I then experienced an acute spike in my cortisol levels.

2FM broadcasted the full set on the Tracy Clifford show and RTE aired the final song of the set, Everybody’s Free by Rozalla. There was incredible feedback on social and in the media about the performance hence why I think they took the initiative to book the headline gig in the 3 Arena.

If Sunday is anything like Electric Picnic it’s going an absolutely magic night, I just can’t believe my luck I get to play a part in it!