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The Stage is a Great Teacher

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Have you ever played a gig to an audience who don’t seem to be listening? The on stage sound isn’t great? You suspect that your accompanist didn’t read your email properly with the set list and they are busking beside you? Or, the set you picked doesn’t suit the occasion?

Firstly, it’s rare to get the conditions of a gig just right (unless you have Beyoncé level of control over the event), so you’ll need to work on how you react to the variables. Never wish the gig to be over, instead make it in to a learning experience.

1) Practice different approaches to getting that audience on side, look, if you don’t think they’re listening in the first place then you’ve nothing to lose.

2) When the on stage sound is poor, see if you can start training yourself to have a better sensory awareness of your voice rather than relying solely on aural perception.

3) You think your accompanist is busking and didn’t learn the set.. then really listen to him or her, if they’re under pressure don’t give them filthies , instead encourage them to rise to the occasion and you should respond musically to what they’re playing.

4) If the set is not working don’t daydream during the instrumentals (you should be listening to your accompanist’s solo anyway but I bet you singers are thinking about some fab high note coming up), instead think fast on how you could change the set up.

5) Don’t ever think the gig isn’t worth all that effort, it always is and you’re turning unfavourable circumstances into an opportunity to develop and evolve as a performer.

Lastly, always see it as a great privilege to be on stage, making music and having your voice heard. Focusing on gratitude in the moment is a great way to ward off any on stage nerves or anxiety.

New Vocal Workshop

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I’m really excited to present my latest Contemporary Vocal Technique workshops in colleges and schools in Ireland over the coming months.

My aim with this workshop is that all attendees (be they beginner, intermediate or advanced) will be able to broadly understand the science behind how we produce the beautiful sound we call singing! I think if you truly understand the mechanics of how the voice works your interpretation of your own voice and any further vocal coaching you receive and even how you listen to other singers will change for the better.

I want to take the abstract out of vocal technique and encourage and empower singing students to strive to eventually become their own vocal coach, and prove that this knowledge about the voice is for everyone to understand!

The first hour is a presentation followed by a pop quiz (in teams) and the second hour is a master class.
All genres, levels and styles welcome, in fact the more diversity the better.

For information on how to book this workshop, click below:

3 Arena with Jenny Greene and ​the RTE Concert Orchestra

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I’m so thrilled to perform again with 2FM DJ Jenny Greene and the RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by Gavin Murphy at the 3 Arena on November the 13th with support from irish DJs; Dave Treacy and Mo K.

This really is a dream gig for me getting to collaborate with the concert orchestra and the best DJ in the country, Jenny Greene and the set includes all my absolute favourite dance classics with a mixture of great soul, pop and even opera!

We performed on the Friday of Electric Picnic this year in Rankin’s Wood. I think we were a last minute addition to the picnic’s line up so there was fear the word wouldn’t spread in time that the gig was happening. Usually at festival gigs you’re used to your audience building throughout your performance but this was not the case for us. MO K was the warm up DJ before us on the night and I had a peep at the audience during his set and the tent was absolutely filled to capacity (9000), plus there were 100s of people outside the tent and the place was rocking! Lets just say I then experienced an acute spike in my cortisol levels.

2FM broadcasted the full set on the Tracy Clifford show and RTE aired the final song of the set, Everybody’s Free by Rozalla. There was incredible feedback on social and in the media about the performance hence why I think they took the initiative to book the headline gig in the 3 Arena.

If Sunday is anything like Electric Picnic it’s going an absolutely magic night, I just can’t believe my luck I get to play a part in it!