New Vocal Workshop

Posted on: September 28, 2016

I’m really excited to present my latest Contemporary Vocal Technique workshops in colleges and schools in Ireland over the coming months.

My aim with this workshop is that all attendees (be they beginner, intermediate or advanced) will be able to broadly understand the science behind how we produce the beautiful sound we call singing! I think if you truly understand the mechanics of how the voice works your interpretation of your own voice and any further vocal coaching you receive and even how you listen to other singers will change for the better.

I want to take the abstract out of vocal technique and encourage and empower singing students to strive to eventually become their own vocal coach, and prove that this knowledge about the voice is for everyone to understand!

The first hour is a presentation followed by a pop quiz (in teams) and the second hour is a master class.
All genres, levels and styles welcome, in fact the more diversity the better.

For information on how to book this workshop, click below: