What do I mean by Voice Positive – Voice Positive Podcast Episode 1

Posted on: September 6, 2020
what do I mean by voice positive? episode 1


Can I start by clarifying what it’s not? It’s not in line with any of the following catchphrases;

I don’t think I’ve met a singer that hasn’t found it challenging to accept one or many aspects of their voice.

I’ve met many voice users including actors, singers, teachers, and people in general who dislike the sound of their voice. Actually, I included myself although I worked past it eventually.

But with the term Voice Positive I’m also referring to;

    • voice as a person
    • message
    • world view
    • How valid your perspective and lived experience is no matter what stage of life you’re at!

This is important for everyone but it is magnified when an individual is about to step out and communicate to an audience as a speaker, performer, or educator or about to publish/release their art!

Believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic” – Brene Brown

Because as artists, it’s key to be a fresh new voice, to be unique and to be authentic, and not to sound like a copycat. I think we confuse arrogance ( exaggerated sense of self-importance) with self-esteem (self-worth).

Sometimes our efforts to avoid coming across push us away from developing solid self-esteem which is crucial. We want to be courageous enough to be truly authentic.

I find the simple phrase of “I am enough” to be very helpful. I would suggest if what I’m talking about is resonating with you to repeat this as a mantra. It’s a grounding statement, it’s kind and most of all it’s true for everyone.

Your voice as a writer, musician, artist, creative, or performer is deeply personal so it’s madness to not ensure we’ve clarified our self-worth.

We need to hardwire that in so we can sense the inevitable storms and stay grounded in times when your artistry is under threat. You can move through the uncomfortable moments with grace. Resisting the urge to run away instead of evolving and grow through the experience.

I hope you can join me on my Voice Positive journey where I intend to interweave mindset, artist development, performance coaching, life coaching, voice science. Anything else that makes me excited and helps you bring about positive and meaningful change.