Becoming the Artist of Your Dream! – Voice Positive Podcast Episode 5

Posted on: October 4, 2020
artist of your dream - voice positive podcast ep 5


In today’s episode, I’m talking to anyone who wants to have a career as an original music artist. Or someone who has established a career already, and maybe you’ve hit a wall. You want to change things up, restart, or even start over, blank page!

So put on your future coat (as my dad says) as I am about to guide you in building out a fairly detailed future self as the artist you dream of becoming.

Do any of you currently fantasize about how you would love your artist career? To unfold but the details are hazy. And you find yourself getting knocked back before you even start. And you’re getting knocked back by guess who? You!!

You’re doing it to yourself. You tell yourself things like – that post isn’t good enough don’t upload it. Like there’s no point finishing that song, it’s not good or you say to yourself. As there are so many great singers out there already – why would anyone want to pay money to come to hear me sing?

Do you find yourself motivated to create and you’re in it and you’re doing it? And it comes to that final hurdle of finishing a song or sending an email or posting something on Instagram. And you tell yourself some crazy nonsense about why it’s a bad idea, definitely.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are a big fat liar. You’re always lying to yourself. Telling yourself no one will like your music, there will be tumbleweeds if you post that on Instagram.

Stop lying! Since when did you become a psychic profit with magical powers to predict the future? Nor none of these predictions are reality!


So, what is reality?

Let’s say you’ve just finished a cover of a song. You enjoyed recording it and you’re proud of it. You used your new mic and your ring light and now you’d like to share it on the internet. FULL STOP. That’s reality, any stressful thoughts that come after that are lies.

Clearly, this is a form of self-sabotage. It’s our personality’s way of protecting us but our personality doesn’t always know what’s best especially when it’s in fear mode. Silly personality.

If you want to breakthrough you’ve got to get past the gatekeeper to your dream career as an artist. And that gatekeeper is you.

The reason why you guard that gate so aggressively is that beyond that gate is a world of feedback. In a world of feedback, there’s definitely a potential for rejection.

Now then, how many of you are cool about getting rejected? No, it’s the caveman within us avoiding rejection at all cost. As if we get rejected by the tribe then we have to do all our hunting, forging, making fires. And everything else back in the day by ourselves, we’ll die.

That’s why fear kicks in to prevent you from going further saying things like – no one will like it. People will think I’m silly or bad, maybe worse again, no one will even care. I’m going to die.

As no one ever got to the other side (the part where you stop letting your fake profit self from sharing your creativity with the world) without having to deal with feedback and rejection.


If you can remove some of the crazy-making fear the feedback is actually awesome!

  1. It’s a sign that you’re being brave (brave muscle gets stronger, more hard stuff will get easier) and that you are doing this!
  2. You can learn from it, understand better what content or music resonates with people, or just get better at recording, singing, writing captions, picking filters, etc…
  3. You’re going to find your people. There are also people who need you and your original take on being a human in the world whether through song or otherwise.

And If you post something and it gets two likes, one from your mom and one from some randomer with no profile pic (may also be your mom. Nor she may have created two accounts by mistake) what do you do?

Hence, you can start lying and tell yourself a story that this is a disaster nobody likes my music or cares about it. While they probably think my voice sounds crap, oh it does sound crap doesn’t it or you can just write back to your mom and say thanks to such a cool song right!?

So no. 1 stop self-sabotaging and every time you ask yourself “what if nobody likes what I post?” swap it for “what if people LOVE what I post?”.

Also, remember the magic wand in hand with your future coat on. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Be the artist of your dream and become who you are!



  • Gemma shares how unaware of us in sabotaging ourselves. ( 02:23 )
  • How to also overcome or accept feedback. ( 06:24 )
  • Gemma shares how she helps move clients towards becoming the artist they dream of becoming. ( 08:40 )