How To Create A Daily Vocal Practice Habit – Voice Positive Podcast Episode 7

Posted on: October 18, 2020
daily vocal practice habit - episode 7

In today’s episode, I want to share my ideas on HOW voice care can become as routined as your dental hygiene. And to have daily vocal practice habit.


What’s the number one thing I want to help singers do?

I thought it was uncovering their vocal identity – I do want to do this but it’s not number 1. Like it was helping artists build their brand and help them get ready for the music market.

But it turns out what I’m really passionate about is finding a solution to a problem I’ve struggled with. As finding the answer for singers for as long as I have been a vocal coach. How to help singers design and maintain a daily vocal practice that they enjoy. That’s inspiring, personalized and that brings them results. 

II can get singer’s results in the lesson but I’ve always struggled with setting singers up with practice routines they really stick to. Trying to solve this felt beyond my expertise so I started looking for answers in different behavior and psychology books. Until one day my accountability partner from a business course, Daniel HuhStedt suggested that I read Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

The approach to habit formation proposed in the book made so much sense to me. It felt very grounded in the research. Very practical and best of all it’s simple and I could really imagine it working for my clients. 


I think the two real obstacles for singers who want a daily vocal practice but can’t maintain one is.

  1. They’re relying on feeling like it
  2. They don’t really know what they should be doing 


So I had already started writing Your Vocal Identity a course on how to unlock your vocal signature as an artist. And Your Vocal Practice would be a module within that. But as I began to test the course I realized that this module needed its own course, in conjunction with behavior design.

So, to get my behavior design chops down, I enrolled in the certification program for the Tiny Habits method to master teaching the skill of habit formation. And yes it’s a skill, there are formulas. Weirdly, I’m now starting to find it hard to imagine teaching vocal tech without teaching habit formation. 


We all know there’s no such thing as an overnight success. You might have a breakthrough in your vocal technique but you may find yourself back at square one the following week. It’s consistently fine-tuning your instrument daily if you want to make a meaningful change or become consistent in performance. Daily vocal practice needs to become a habit.


I also see it like this, it’s about having a better life. You have a voice, it’s always with you. It’s a wonderful gift and singing improves your mood, why not enjoy it daily!? I imagine life would be more joyful with a little bit of singing rooted in your daily routine.