Why You Should Work on Your Head Voice

Posted on: April 4, 2020

Are you someone who has decided that their head voice doesn’t exist and because of this you’re going to stick to singing songs that keep you in chest voice only and if you HAVE to sing something that does require of you to use your head voice well you’re just going to move the key down a few steps, sorted…?

What if I told you that strengthening your head voice isn’t a redundant pursuit, even for the “breathiest” of head voices? What if I told you that strengthening your head voice will improve the quality of your voice throughout your range?

The muscle that’s job it is to stretch the vocal folds, the cricothyroid, needs to be very active when we sing in our upper register, especially in head voice/mode 2/falsetto, i.e in the register/voice that feels less “connected”. Developing the neural activation and strength of this muscle will have major benefits to our overall vocal ability and vocal health.
In this video I’ve got some sounds and a warm-up exercise I encourage you to do for 5 minutes daily and I recommend you track your progress with a voice recorder on your phone. It’s very likely that you will notice results in a short period of time if you do these exercises with a keen awareness (listen to your body) and ofcourse, consistency of practice. Good luck!

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